1 In 8 people do not have access to safe water

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The melting point of our journey was "Water Scarcity" not after seeing it just in India but globally. Having the opportunity to travel worldwide I also had the "fortune", yes fortune to see the trend of water scarcity globally, if not rain water literacy foundation would not have happened, an initiative to save ourselves before it is too late. The scarcity for water loomed just globally!!

The need to help people out of "Water Poverty", yes you read it right we are "Water Poor" and the land mass we live in has become "Water Poor" too.The irony is our earth is covered 75% by water. Water, is the ultimate elixir and the need to save it dawned upon us.

Well charity begins at home they say and so does our journey. We built recharge well at our home after severe drought in 2012, it bore "Water fruit" !! The water levels began to increase. Actually the solutions stare at our face until we realize how simple it is. "GIVE WHAT YOU TAKE". Since then we have helped individual homes, Schools and institutions set up RWH on re use, and dig hundreds of recharge wells.

I have been educating young children in schools and colleges about "Water Literacy" for that is the way forward for a permanent solution. A "Water literate generation".

Out next concern were our root, yes the cauvery river, the water polluted and unconsumable. TDS tests from various parts of cauvery river confirmed the same. The huge outcry and accusations that Erode had become the cancer capital of Tamilnadu only correlated with the data collected from Erode cancer centre and made the accusations stronger. We realized the mutations had started two generations back . Children as young as four years and elders as old as 70 years were affected. The need to responsibly keep our water bodies cleaner and recharged arose by 100 folds.

We are all set and rolling to embark our journey for water for the sake of water itself. We would love to extend our gratitude to Mr. Vishwanath and Mrs.Chitra Vishwanth of BIOME who is a great support and major reason we confidently started and now travel this water journey.

"Water is like mother's milk to earth. Lets Restore, Reuse, Recharge AND Renew it"

A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.

Lucy Larcom

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