1 In 8 people do not have access to safe water

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Our 11th Annual Day 2024

Our 11th, Annual Day 2024 - Government Primary school, Kandampalayam Read more..

Patti Pongal in Solaivanam - 2024

Today we celebrated the traditional Patti Pongal along with our Village school kids, to thank and pray for well-being of cattles. That has helped in our sowing of Thuyamalli. Read more..

Thuyamalli Harvest

143 days, final harvest, Low glycemic variety Read more..

Patti Pongal and Thiruvalluvar Day - 2024

உழுதுண்டு வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார்மற் றெல்லாம் தொழுதுண்டு பின்செல் பவர். Read more..

Melnoki Naal - 2023

Our village school kids performed pooja for Vinayagar and Suriyan (The sun god) Read more..

Waste for Food and Energy - 2023

Growing your own food is like printing your own money Read more..

Teaching Sustainability in Village

Teaching sustainability in our village home. Reduce, reuse and refuse plastics.Reuse, recharge, discharge Rain water harvesting. Read more..

Recharge wells in SVN School

Dug a series of recharge wells, to capture the run off in Play ground - 2019. Read more..

Agriculture to kids

Teaching our village school kids on essence of native farming. Read more..

School Workshops on Water literacy

School workshops on the elixir of life on water literacy. Read more..

Our Services

  • Water literacy
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Recover water bodies
  • Practical knowledge for sustainable future

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